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Welcome to the website of TIQ insurance company. Here you can find insurance products and quotes of our company, call the insurance agent for advice and purchase insurance from the comfort of your home or office as well as to get other detailed information about TIQ insurance company activities and services.

Our insurance company offers its clients a wide range of insurance products for individuals and corporate clients. Specialists of our company have developed and constantly improve programs for all types of insurance - auto insurance, mortgage insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, property insurance, liability of third parties insurance and many others.

TIQ insurance company is distinguished by unique conditions and obvious advantages, which include individual approach to each client and strict fulfillment of obligations.

If you would like to save money in case of the damage if you take Canadawf.com Toronto home loans and second mortgages you should have insurance of your property. In case something bad happens you can get compensation for your losses.

Main principles of our policy

Availability of contracting in any region of Canada

Provision of high quality insurance services under the contract terms

Clients' support throughout the term of insurance contract

Learn more about the company which offer Toronto car insurance options for their clients. You can check different plans to choose the one for you.

Every person can have problems with health. It would be better to rely on Ontario family physicians who can provide you professional assistance. But before that you should find have a look at your insurance in Toronto.

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