About us

TIQ insurance company is a modern company that is dynamically developing and well-known among the leading Canadian insurance companies as a reliable partner, able to provide a full range of services available in the insurance industry. TIQ insurance company is reputed partner, known for its experience and professionalism:

  • it provides a wide range of services in all key areas of insurance
  • it is a recognized insurance company in Canada
  • it has an excellent reputation that is constantly improving
  • it promotes Canadian insurance market as a whole.

We offer our services of compulsory and voluntary insurance for individuals and commercial companies as well as special services for corporate clients.

Company employees are upscale graduates united by one goal - to provide our customers with the highest quality services.

To minimize the risk of insolvency our company supports a number of reinsurance programs that allow you to minimize the risk of insolvency and pursues a balanced pricing policy and underwriting quality.

Our company cooperates with reinsurers with an excellent reputation and high ratings from international rating agencies, which are recognized throughout the world. Therefore, policyholders who have entrusted their risks to TIQ insurance company can be absolutely confident in obtaining insurance reimbursement in the shortest possible time and in full in case of the insured event.

Professional experience of the leading experts of our company makes up more than 15 years of effective implementation of business processes for maintenance and establishment of insurance mechanisms. Thanks to this experience we are able to regulate all insurance cases and carry insurance indemnity in the most effective way for the client, quickly and professionally.

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