Rules of Behavior in a Gym: How to Use Yoga Mats and Workout Equipment Correctly

We go to a gym or a fitness studio to improve our health, but we also need to be aware of the risks and prevent accidents even if we are insured against them.

First of all, you need to have your organism examined at the doctors

Some gyms may require a doctor's certificate that you do not have health problems that could worsen your condition. But diseases such as diabetes and heart disease can occur even in active people, so do not miss the annual doctor's check-up. Discuss your plans with the doctor, most often the doctor can advise some restrictions or warnings if you have certain health problems. For example, there are certain contraindications for performing asanas on yoga mats or using certain workout equipment.

Do not miss the warm-up exercises

Warm-up is the most important factor in preventing injuries. As a part of a cardio exercise session, they begin slowly, with light exercises of 3 to 5 minutes, and then increase the load to the target level. Take another couple of minutes to cool down at a lower level after the main session. For power lifting and other activities, an exercise of 3 to 5 minutes walking on a treadmill or walking on the spot will help make the blood flow to the muscles so that you can work out better. Yoga also has a couple of warm up exercises before performing main asanas on yoga mats.

Make a gradual increase

Your body will experience a great training effect if you either increase the time or intensity of your workout or repeat the exercises gradually. For power training, start with light weights and increase approaches before increasing weight. For cardio exercises, take more time and work on the shape before increasing the speed and difficulty level.

Use good technique

How you do the exercise is critical to both getting good results and preventing injuries. If you lift the weight in such a way that you do not watch the deformation of the lower back, you can end up in a hospital. If you keep the wrong posture exercising on yoga mats, you risk getting pain in your muscles. Use the advice of a personal trainer to work out the correct technique for doing the exercises.

Keep it clean and tidy

One of the biggest risks in the gym is to be traumatized by any workout equipment left unattended. Clean the area of objects that can prevent you while working out. Put away the equipment after you have used it so that others do not get any injuries. Most gyms have a disinfectant for cleaning equipment, so it must be cleaned to prevent spreading of microbes and viruses. As for yoga mats, it is advisable to purchase an individual one.

Equipment check

Treadmills or exercise bikes have moving parts, hence, there is the risk of pinching and fingers and toes if you are not careful enough. That is why most gyms do not allow children (regardless of how well they are controlled) to use workout equipment. Always check if the gym equipment is in working condition before exercising.

Don’t be late

You might think that coaches like those who pay for training and then do not come at all. But respect is more important than money. However, talking about group lessons, if you turn up at the height of the training and start unfolding your yoga mats, this might infuriate other people in a gym.

Do not argue with a trainer

You can teach a person with a special sport education only if you have your own Olympic medals or other awards. In other cases, if you are not satisfied with the instructions or recommendations, it is better to change the coach or try to find another gym or yoga studio.

When in a gym, spend your time on training on yoga mats, not communication

Excessive friendliness is just as inappropriate in a gym, as is the gloominess. A gym is not the right place for chatting and spreading rumors. If you can’t help talking, try to exercise more on yoga mats.