Storing Wooden Furniture in Self Storage

If people move from one apartment to another or have their house renovated, the best ways to store furniture in self storage Barrie. Wooden furniture is sensitive to any damage: scratches, cracks, deformation and rotting that’s why you will need a spacious storage unit and climate control in it. Self-storage facilities must be clean, dry and warm without temperature changes - these conditions are ideal for storing wooden furniture.

How to properly pack furniture for transportation? Experts recommend using bubble wrap when packing wooden tables or chars. This will prevent them from scratches.

If you move to another house, you will probably store other things together with the wooden furniture, hence, you need a large self storage unit to hold all the things. Since wooden furniture is more sensitive to cracking and scratching, it is a great idea to rent a self-storage unit Barrie with enough storage space so that things do not. Moreover, you should not put any things on upholstered furniture if you are planning to store it for a long time, because this will inevitably lead to deformation of upholstered furniture.

The climate-control during storage excludes undesirable damage. When storing items with wooden elements, the storage facility must have climate control. Climate control works as an air conditioner, heater, humidifier, dehumidifier, and also controls the temperature inside your self storage unit. Why is it important? Wood tends to deformation at cold and warm temperatures, as a result, cracks appear on the furniture surface, making it less attractive. When using climate control, you can store furniture and other things safely, preventing any damage associated with the temperature changes. A high concentration of moisture can also lead to growth of mold and fungus, which causes decay of the wood. Mold and fungus can spread to other things too. If you store electronics, paper documents, leather furniture, or clothes in one self storage unit, along with wooden furniture, these things can also be exposed to mold and fungus.

Additional tips for storing wooden furniture in self storage Barrie

Before storing wooden furniture in self storage facilities, it must be cleaned and polished. Use either a polishing agent for furniture or linseed oil, to moisten wood. If the wood is not moistened before storage, it may dry up and this can lead to cracking of furniture surface. Do not economize on bubble wrap when transporting your wooden furniture to self storage Barrie. When ordering transportation services, make sure that the movers are professionals and help you not only transport, but also, pack your furniture properly. Wooden furniture is prone to damage, so proper storage is a prerequisite for preserving furniture in good condition. It is important to find a reliable self storage company that provides a climate control service and enough space to store your wooden furniture.